About Est.Her


Hi my name is Yanique.

When I began this blog, I had only a feeling, a sense of urgency that my years of writing in journals and expressed passion for spiritual growth and personal development as a young girl now a young lady needed to be shared.

The nudge that finally ‘did it’ occurred when i re-read the story of Esther for the umpteenth time and found myself on the floor, prostrate before the Lord seeking direction in answering His call.

Establish Her is for those who are captured by fear of answering God’s call, for those hurting and in need of reassurance of God’s abiding love. It is for those who seek understanding and clarification for their misunderstanding. It is for the young lady who has made tragic mistakes and affiliations and is desirous of finding her way back to God.

Establish Her is a resource for uplifting, convicting, blessing and sharing. It is for young women who need and want to be taught by the aged women and to learn from their peer’s experience. Est.Her isn’t limited to the words on these pages. There IS more to come. It is for establishing you, so that you can establish others and preserve His Glory. It seeks to answer the question, “How can I Establish Her?”

So come, lets journey together and Establish Her!

God bless you!





6 thoughts on “About Est.Her

  1. Ma sista!!!! I just love ya so much and I barely know you. .. looking forward to reading what you have to say… Blessings!


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